pssss….We’ve got a "secret"!

The TECH-Naissance mysecretcandleTM is the most creative, and unique gift of the Holiday season!

Inside this visually stunning jar candle is a “secret storage compartment”, to hide all of your most valuable treasures…. or just a little cash! Use it to hide your favorite jewelry or any intimate personal items on the night table, the spare keys by the front door, a First-Aid or Sewing kit for those little last minute emergencies. The hidden compartment in each candle can be used with our Jewelry Pad and Tray, or with our Medication vial holder attachments, both supplied in the unit…or take out the internal pieces and use it as a generic storage compartment!

The TECH-Naissance mysecretcandleTM is the ultimate “secret compartment” for all of those items you need to hide, but want to keep within reach!  Remember…”Some secrets are best not revealed….”  Now we’ve told you about “our little secret”…but there’s much more! 

Our Replaceable Candle System:

Our patented candle holder is engineered to accept any of our replaceable votive candle inserts. Here’s how it works: Your MSC comes with the fragranced votive that you’ve selected already in position, under the clear “snuffer” cover, ready to light and enjoy!
When the votive has burned down after 12-14 hours of enjoyment, simply remove it from the top of the candle holder, discard, and replace it with the second votive you received in the box.

Each of our five  fragrance replaceable Soy votive inserts are also interchangeable within any of our outer candle housings, so you can choose your favorite scent and coordinate it with your choice of any of our five sophisticated patterned candle holders.
Each of our elegantly sculpted, unique candle votive inserts will delight your senses with a delicate blend of premium essential oils, and rich color tonality. Each jumbo Soy votive we pour is an oversized 3 1/2" in width, over two times the size of most Standard 1 1/2" votive candles currently on the market. They deliver our beautiful fragrances into every part of your home, and can be used either within our TECH-Naissance mysecretcandleTM  housings, or as a separate votive candle throughout the house!
Place multiple votives separately in the center of your Dining room table to celebrate with friends, or place them around the bathtub in the Bathroom, and luxuriate in your favorite fragrance!  We cordially invite you to experience our full range of scents and fragrances, and to be transported by their own individual beauty and olfactory auras.

Our Elegant Candle Housings and Fragrances:

We offer a wide range of unique candle patterns, from exotic Leopard prints, and Zebra prints, to a fanciful Polka-Dot pattern, and a subtle Regimental Stripe pattern with a gold
Fleur-de-Lis banding. For the Gentlemen in your life, we developed the perfect Tartan plaid pattern, for the office or Library.   Experiment to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and fragrance...all in the most Eco-friendly way!

Each of our beautiful outer housings initially are combined with your favorite scents, to make the perfect unique candle. We have taken special care to match each scented votive candle insert with just the right décor patterned candle jar.

Be Eco-Friendly:

Our product introduces the concept  of ecological responsibility and minimizes the typical waste of traditional pillar and jar candles. TECH-Naissance mysecretcandleTM is  the only Soy-based, replaceable votive candle system which allows you to enjoy your favorite scent for 12-14 hours, and then discard only the insert, instead of replacing the entire candle!  Extend your budget by purchasing our jumbo fragrance replacement votive candle inserts in our economical 3 votive-Refill Packs. To replace the Soy votive, just turn the candle housing on its' side and pop out the votive candle insert. Your replacement votive drops in within seconds, and you have a "new candle" instead of looking at, and trying to light the bottom of a pillar candle. MSC brings ease and functionality to your love of candles. Best of all, color coordinate each one to fit every room in the house, and enjoy knowing that you are simultaneously doing your part to help protect our environment!

But that’s not all… this candle combines beauty, fragrance and functionality all in one innovative design!

Best of all, contained within each of the candles of your choice is a "secret" storage chamber to hide some of your personal items! Most of us are always looking for that  perfect little hiding place for those special items, like a piece of jewelry, cosmetics, keys, or even cash. mysecretcandleTM provides a generous interior compartment to store these valuables, under the live candle, and disguise them from the unknowing eye! Let's just call it "our little secret"...

The TECH-Naissance mysecretcandleTM Holiday Collection was inspired by the scents and fragrances that call to mind the joy, and excitement of the Winter season in our American heritage, each contained within their own elegant Holiday candle housings! They combine the beauty and elegance of 5 different patterned decor candle holders, along with replaceable soy votive candle inserts, each that provides 12-14 hours of burn time!